Rye House Practice

A message from Mike Ryan.

Rye House Practice days for 2011:

Based on the success of the practice days last year, Rye House have agreed to host more weekend practice days this year.

Each practice day will have paramedic and insurance cover and will also be marshalled.
The days will run in 3 sessions: Mini Bikes & Juniors / Novices & Restricted / Restriced & National Riders.  Maximum of 12 riders per session.

The cost will be per rider, per session and is £38 in advance to reserve your place or £40 cash on the day.  Contact Mike at or 07890 301587 to arrange payment in advance.
Riders will need either an IPOD or ACU licence, I can arrange IPOD licences through ShortTrack UK on the day for you.

The first day is on Sunday 20th March - the weekend before the season opener at Scunny!  More dates to be released soon.


simon smith 55r said...

i be there


I'll be thaR 2 !

G Man said...

How about acces for public?
Do you think I can come to have a look?