On Any Sunday Stories

Don Shoemaker’s ON ANY SUNDAY Memory

(Don was the producer of the film, and often was behind the camera)

I had been working on the movie (On Any Sunday) for about a year and a half when this happened and only about four people new about this story:

The day we traveled from Dana Point over the hill to the Elsinore GP I was riding in Steve McQueen’s old Chevy truck with his bike in the back. We left Dana Point and as we turned off the freeway on to the Ortega Highway there was two young men hitching for a ride. Steve pulled over and they hopped in the bed of the truck with the Husky.

When we stopped at the bottom of the Ortega Highway they jumped out and came up to thank the driver. As soon as the saw who was driving the truck they both just stood there and looked at each other. They could not believe that they were riding over the hill with Steve McQueen!!!

Steve and I laughed about it the rest of the way to the track!

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