Good Luck Patricia

I didnt release that the Schek's wouldnt be at the welsh this year but I guess they have a good excuse.

Here is an excert from the offical website

Patricia Watson-Miller is the daughter of Herbert Schek. The former German Champion Dirt bike entered in more than 20 Dakar before participating with RenĂ© Metge Concept, the last Rally Raid Paris - Oulan-Bator, in Mongolia”

Today, the German veteran should flow happy days but the virus did not loosen it. Two years ago, Herbert Schek entered again the Dakar before being reasonably braked by the medical environment in the exercise of his profession: "I had loved my first rally raid with René Metge and I had always says that for the next rally raid in this part of the world, I registered myself without any hesitation".
For the Transorientale 2008, this is his daughter that resumes the family torch of which the bike will be prepared by his father: "This is consoling knowledge that late at night, after the special stages, my bike will be revised and ready thanks to him."

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Patricia said...

Just spotted this - thank you very much! The rally was fantastic, highly recommended to anyone interested in cross-country rallies - in my opinion even better than the Dakar: longer, harder, more technical and more sand and dunes than i thought possible! Patricia