Welsh Start list

The welsh entries are now all confirmed and the start list is here.

Really looking forward to this (here are some of the riders who I know)
22 - Liz/ Richard
34 - Aurthor Walton
227 - Tim Harvey
228 - Keith Craske
229 - Stuart Jackson
254 - Phil (Rambo) Nobes
85 - Kev Copleston
439 - Richie Moore
246 - Jeff Webster
262 - Dave Salkeld
369 - Tamsin Jones
361 - George Dennison
396 - Me
245 - Gordon Mcpherson
545 - Oliver de Bueger (Not riding his transalp)
591 - James Yearly
455 - Kieren Clotworthy


dickie said...

seems I must learn welsh & french for "do you want petrol"& "keep left"& of course "faster faster"

geoff said...

Rub it in why don't you....
Gutted I didn't get an entry.

ab said...

wow dickie learing french.....good for you!


Kieran said...

Hi Anthony, it good to see a few names that I recognise in the entry list. I will drop you an email soon to get some tips on camping and fuel as this is my first Welsh.

Anthony Brown said...

HI Kieren look forward to seeing you