The Welsh

This year’s Welsh 2 Day Enduro was very hard. Personally I made an error of judgment that meant I retired after the first special test on day 2. I had dislocated my finger after a stupid fall and thought it was best not to carry on, but actually I would probably have been fine and should have continued.

No one found the going easy and everyone had tales of there own private battle against the elements and the course. On a sunny day the Welsh is all about sucking up the surroundings and chatting with old friends whilst waiting at the checks. On a rainy day its all about survival, on two rainy days you start to question why you do these sort of events.

Anyway the highlight of the event was that we invited our good friends Olivier and Benoir to come to the Welsh this year. Benoir had never been to the UK before and Olivier had never competed in a time card enduro before. There was a bit of a language barrier but this was overcome with smiling and pointing. Both guys had a great time and we all enjoyed there company. Oliver was probably one of the only people I know who finished without timing out. He finished 20th in clubman E3 which is a great result. I can’t remember a year when there were so few finishers.

Benoir took loads of really good pictures so I will post some soon. For now here is one of Gordon I found on Roys Flikr page he has taken some really good pictures so here is the link to his page.

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