Buxton Shorttrack

So here are some nice pictures which Anna took of the thunderbike class from Buxton on Saturday. It was my first go at the UK shorttrack series and I will be back for more. I just need to get my bike set up a bit better and remember how to ride a bit more and things will be fine. The bottom picture here was taken just before #80 on the CCM cliped the back wheel of the rider in front. He fell and I (#47) had nowhere to go except over the back of his bike (Sorry #80). Other than that I only had two little falls and Coope's borrowed nu rave Kevlars (and Anna's repairs) held up well.

Nice to meet Gary from sideburn, Skooterfarm and Jason who I got the SR from. See you all at Lyn next as I am away for the BMF rounds.
There are a few more pictures in my newly formed flickr account which is now in the sidebar. I will add some more pictures when I get time.......
Thanks to those who came to watch me, Anna for taking the pictures, cutting my numbers and mending my Kevlars, Geoff for the welding (there is more to come) and Gordon for his expert spannering.


Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

Great to see you too. The jump over the CCM was just about the most spectacular thing I've ever seen on a dirt track. I was shouting like an idiot as I was waiting to go out for the next heat.
That you made it around the corner and carried on racing was incredible.
See you at King's Lynn.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony
Me and my friends thought that it was brilliant!- proper racing.
very well done for getting out there and doing it, sorry that the weather wasn't a bit better.
Andrew B.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Looks like I got confused and put the wrong foot down again!

No apologies neccessary. In fact I should probably thank you. The last time I was involved in a first corner 'incident' like this some bugger ran over my head!
So, in the circumstances, I consider a slightly wonky bike and a sore leg something of a result really.

See ya out there.
Tim Stevens (#80)

Anthony Brown said...

You never know how its going to go when you ride over someone or something. I rode over a guys bike to miss him at an enduro a few weeks back and he was less than impressed. See you at Kings Lynn. I will do my best to miss you next time.