FT SR is go!!

Its been a while happening but I finally got my hands on my next motorcycle project yesterday (thanks Jason nice to meet you). Its not a LC4 as I first thought it might be but an SR yamaha which I am going to use for some flat track racing. Thanks sideblog for the tip off. My first meeting will be at Buxton on the 23rd of August so plenty to get sorted before then !!!

Anyway I got the bike home on saturday and was keen to give it a run, unfortunatly the fuel tap doesnt work and the bike was so full of fuel it was dripping from the air filter.

A change of oil, new iridum plug and a mess around with the float hieght in the carb put things right and this afternoon we were all roaring up and down my mate Jeffs drive.

Looking forward to my first meeting, although knowing my luck it will be rained off, i dont think I have ridden a bike in the dry this year!!

Note the use of proper protective clothing

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AB said...

I cant wait for the racing! If only you could wear these leathers

See ya