Bad year for silverware

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Here are the results from the Hafren Rally. Its another dissapointing performance on my part due to getting stuck in a silly gully on the second test and losing a few mins. I nearly blew my top when the marshall said 'if you had obeyed me you wouldnt be stuck here' of course she was right but I didnt really understand her directions at the bottom of the hill and wasnt about to go into detailed route discussions with her. Geoff, Pete and Baz did really well so well down to the rest of the Brown Stars team.

Geoff - 22nd
Pete - 33rd
Baz - 42nd
Me - 67th

220 riders

I have two things that are starting to piss me off this year.

1) Pretty much ever time I have ridden this year I have got wet. With the exception of Morocco I dont think I have ridden a dry event.

2) I am not really a results driven rider but..... This year I have riden like a tosser. Welsh enduro DNF - Dislocated finger on a wet grassy test (Usually my best type of riding). Powys -stayed on time all day then took 44mins to do a 4 min section, got stuck like a pig and had to get a Marshall to ride my bike for me. GBXC got stuck on the last lap and lost loads of time. Shorttrack didnt even make the final at Lynn on saturday cos of a silly fall.

How has this influanced my love of motorcycles and racing???

Well its made me a little grumpy a few sunday evenings, its meant my left hand only has one fully functioning finger. But other than that thankfully no change.

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