For Sale

Here it is my Yamaha SR Flattracker is For Sale

have spent a lot of money and time on it in the last few months so it should be a good one. I have just taken the head off, lapped the valves, replaced the Valve stem seals and fitted a new decent head gasket as it was burning some oil at scunthorpe (one valve seal was leaking). I checked the piston rings ect and all looked fine. It will back togther this weekend it starts and runs a dream again now.

Other mods I have completed since I Brought it
Rejetted Crab and stopped it from Flooding (Brand new Mikuni Carb)
KTM foot pegs
Star Flat track bars
XT 500 tank (SR 500 tank nicely painted also available) I think the SR tank looks too long.
Full set of proper AMA number boards
New 520 O ring chain and spockets (smaller gauge than the origonal 530 chain)
New gear Selector shaft and spare original Yam gear lever
New Clutch
Twin top end oil feed conversion
Head stock bearing replaced
New Swing arm bearings
New Rear Brake shoes
Proper Yam Manual on CD
Spare fork seals (not needed yet)
Changed and increased volume of fork oil as they were too soft
Brand new rear shocks
Oil changed each meeting


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And we know its fast - cos i've seen it up close in action !
Hows it going mate ?
Steve #59

Anthony Brown said...

Good thanks Steve

Just in the middle of building my new Frame jig for next years machine. How about you?