Gangstar Limp (one for the ladies)

My mate Gordon hasnt been himself lately, he has been walking like he shat himself. For a while I thought he had put some gravel in his shoe after a fall in the local shopping centre to try and get some money from claims direct (just like in the GLC song). Anyway turns out it wasnt just a ploy to explain away a bad finish or a way of getting shop mobility he did have something wrong with his hip. Today I popped round to see him as he was just back from the hospital after having things sorted. When he changed his dressing we (me and Liz that is) got treated to the show I have pictured and some more besides. I think if anyone was looking through the window it may have looked as though I had been invited round by a couple of cumnor swingers after a chat on the internet!! To reinforce this I gave Gordon the £60 I owed him on the doorstep and was on my way!

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