Beckley Trials Club

Its been a while since the last offical trials club and with Geoff away in the states some new members stepped in to fill his boots.
We had a really good day at the Ixion Club trial. Motoden George and his lad Riley came up from London and John Mitch traveled probably further than you should for a club trial (he may have been pot hunting, only time will tell). Nobsey borrowed Geoffs bike, Baz rode and there was also an appearence from a new trials club member Tim Harvey. (Not to forget Mixey, rich G and Stuart Jackson). My Dad and Gordon (on sticks) took on some marshalling duties.
Riley had a new electric Osset trials bike whic he had just been given by father xmas (funny that since his dad just took on the dealership for London). Riley and Josh got on pretty well and managed a 6 pack of mince pies and a litre of hot chocolate between then.
After riding we went round to Jeffs for a post trial review and wash down. Good fun for all the family.

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