Technical update

A few people have been asking how me, geoff and Baz are getting on with our flattrack project. On the run up to xmas things took a bit of a back seat cos my WR 250 showed signs of the valves streching so i had to put that right

I also had problems with an after market ignition pick up sensor that was faulty from new ( note to self and others dont try and buy cheap electrical products to replace OEM parts).Anyway things are moving on well now with the FT project. We are starting at the front end and with the help of many friends things are starting to happen. We have a nice jig plate now, the front end detail drawings are complete and materials are arriving.

Some machining is about to take place and we should have the head stock and front frame triangle complete very soon. The seat unit is on its way from GP Glasswork in the USA so pretty soon we may even be able to get some paint done. All the tube is now in stock so are starting to come together. I will post more when there are things to see.

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