Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey

Here are a few progress pictures. Ignore the fact that the Throttle cable apears to clash with the top tube as it is not cut to the finished size yet. The swing arm bolt cups are complete and Geoff is in the process of making the bends from the top tube to the pivot point. We have the down tube cut ready but will wait until all the bends are complete before tacking it all in place.
Geoff is due to pick up some plate to complete the top triangle which will become the oil tank. We also have the filler neck ready to take its place. I am just in the process of making the long pivot bolt that will hold evrything togther on the jig when we are ready to make the final welded assembly.
The front wheel assy is now complete and the yoke design is in progress. TBC........


Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

Slowly, slowly, missee first two races? GI

Anonymous said...

Looks good Ant and Geoff. Don't let that Gary mess you about.