Euro FT Update

Here is the report from the first roud of the Euro FT Cup

International Mefo Sport Flat track Cup 2009, round 1 Neuenknick short track

The International Mefo Sport Flattrack Cup 2009 kicked off during the first true summer weekend of the year. The warm Easter weather drew in a large crowd who, whilst enjoying some beers and bratwurst, occupied the large hill overlooking the gorgeous Lindenau Stadium in Neuenknick. Both the international speedway riders as well as the flat track racers produced some breathtaking battles treating the spectators to high quality racing.
With some riders benched due to injuries and others who couldn’t make it, nine riders battled for the honor spots. And what a battle it was! With only seasoned racers on the track it was impossible to predict the outcome, riders dominating one heat were struggling dead last the next and back in front after that!
A nasty collision in the second heat forced Swiss rider Mario M├╝ggler to retire, but fortunately Dutch riders Borger and Mulder were able to continue racing. It were the veteran flat track riders who decided the outcome with reigning Champion Marco Belli forcing his way to the front during the all deciding twelve lap final. With Belli defending his number one plate, Britain’s Steve Hall and Peter Boast managed to secure second and third, with Jansen and Greig only a couple of feet behind them.
Expert results:1. #1 Marco Belli, Varese (I), team CCM2. #77 Steve Hall, Harrogate (UK), MRS-KTM3. #54 Pete Boast, Burgh-on-Bain (UK), team Suzuki4. #15 Jan-Willem Jansen, Adetswil (CH), Dutch-Brothers KTM5. #10 Tim Greig, Market Rasen (UK), ASR-Honda6. #28 Halbe Scheper, Emmer-Compascuum (NL), Mokobouw-Honda7. #4 Henderik Mulder, Roderesch (NL), Mulder-Yamaha
The season opener demonstrated how exciting oval racing can be, even in Europe!We look forward to the double header with Marianske Lazne on Saturday 20th June and Heidenreichstein on Sunday 21st June! And if you can't wait that long, there is some racing in England to be done! More info and registration details on

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