Thanks to
Geoff (weld)
Baz (draw)
Si (draw)
John (machine)
Lee (machine)
Crow (machine)
JD (machine)
Graham (machine)
Iain (engrave)
Jans (advice)
Gary / Ben (inspire)
Anna (finish,encourage)
Nobes /Dickie (encourage)
Stuart (paint)
Kev (motor)
Richie (advice)
SJ (tolerance)
Jeff (test)
Gordon (bits)


G said...

good work, what engine?

#15 said...

I think it is an MZ 500...
see photo

Anthony Brown said...

Yeah youve got me Jans. Actually the first bike I rode on was an MZ (I was about 3). I rode on the tank round the garden with my dad. The front wheel washed out at the bottom of the garden and we fell off. I was wearing shorts and my sock got hooked on the fuel tap, so when my dad tried to pick it up he was dragging me with the bike!!

To answer G,s question it is a Rotax out of a CCM 604