Welsh Rabbit

The weather in the last week has played a large part in my life and plans. I had a really hetic week in the run up to the 3rd round of the UK shorttrack at Amman valley. I ended up borrowing a stator from a friends bike to get mine running good.
Anyway it was all worth it and the last hurdle was sundays weather. It was raining when we left Oxford but by the time we reached Bristol things were looking a little better. The start was delayed but the racing took place. As usual I had some problems I fell in the first Thunderbike race and managed to get back on and finish 6th. The second race my cut out got knocked off on the start by the roost from the rider in fronts rear wheel. So to make the final I needed a really good finish in the third heat. After leading for a fair while I ran a little wide and 2 riders got by me so I ended up third.
Anyway that was enough to sit me on the back row for the final. I managed to make my way thorugh to 6th which I was kinda happy with.
The track was mint by the end of the day.
The day in General was good I was parked next to Guto and his friends and family were good fun.
Well done Pete for such a well run meeting in the face of such poor conditions.
Thanks to Carl Ryan for the pictures. I will try to find some more soon.

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Paul said...

Good result! Well done.