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Beacons 2-Day Rally - 22/23rd August - takes place in the whole of the Crychan & Glyn Saer forest complexes. It is hoped to have a lap of up to 50 miles, with three timed stages on each lap. The start will be in the quarry area in North Crychan, also used for the Snow Run Enduro start. Scrutineering will take place on the Saturday morning with the event starting at 11:00am. Sunday will see a 09:00 start The usual classes for Trial Bikes will be run in addition to the Sports Bike class which caters for both 2 & 4-stroke enduro bikes. Regs Each of the two days will be scored separately to form part of a 4-day Club Championship with the Cambrian Rally on 17th / 18th October. Overall class winners will be presented with their awards at a social event to be held in Llandovery at the end of the year.

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