Co-built Factory update

Its been a bit slow on the blog in terms of Co-built bikes for the last couple of weeks but that doesnt mean that nothing is happening. In fact far from it, actually it means so much is happening I just didnt get time to write it.

Firstly I was trying to help sideburn Gary fix his Rotax motor, and although I didnt really find the solution I like to think I helped rule out lots of things that werent wrong with it...

Anyway on the co-built front. We have become the souths main stockist of Rotax engines now. We have a total of 4. In various different states and all most likely for our own use. The latest is fitted to this bike (see below), I think it will become the first Co-built street tracker. We have big plans for our first street tracker and hope to get some paint from Death spray customs on the glass we get from Red Max. So if you know anyone who wants a Aprila minus an engine and a frame number we have one for sale.
Also Geoffs FT bike is slowly underway the head stock and Swing arm bushs are out at machining and the tube order is being sorted. It wont be too long untill we are at the stage pictured below and ready to comence production of bike number 2. We re getting enough tube for at least 3 frames right now all of which will be rotax based. Then we might start to spread our wings to other motors ect.

For Yokes our first set should be ready some time next week. And we will have a website at real soon. Until then the blog will keep you updated.

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