Co-built - Our first Item for sale NOW

For the best part of this Flattrack season I have been riding a bike which was built by me and two buddies.
Geoff Cain is an experienced F1 fabricator who specialises in exhaust work but can turn his hand to most forms of fabrication.
Barry Ward runs his own M/C design consultancy and works with top names in all types of motorcycle sport.
So the bike stood a good chance of working well. But to be as close to right as it was from the first ride gave us all confidence in our work and discussions.

Anyway there is a serious lack of equipment for our sport in the UK and all 3 of us enjoyed the process of making the Co-built rotax which I (and sometimes Geoff) have been riding. I spend most of my working life solving engineering problems and getting stuff made. So the three of us have decided to try and offer some engineering support to the European FT scene.

We are not about to take over the world or retire on the funds we make from sales. We are just about making some stuff in the hope that people will buy it so we can make some more stuff and process continues. Hopefully some UK riders get better kit and ride better and the sport benefits.

With all that i mind. Here is our first product. Photographed on our 1970s sideboard in my front room. It will be on our website soon. But for now if you want it email me.

Co-built Adjustable FT Yokes-

What do they fit??

Well a Co-built frame that's for sure. I already have a set on my bike. But also the will fit a KTM thats for sure, CCM and probably some Husabergs (we would need to do a little research on those)

Why are they good??

Well apart from being made from some proper Aircraft grade T6 Alloy and being pocket machined for lightness they have the correct geometry for FT riding. The fork legs are set much further forward than the standard yokes on an MX/Enduro bike and that makes your bike handle much nicer in the turns. And as standard they will fit the FT fork leg of choice. The Yamaha R6 which has a 43.00mm leg diameter.

What about my front wheel will I need a new spindle??

Yes you probably will the distance between the centres of the fork legs is increased which helps the fit those fat FT tyres between the legs without rubbing. But don't worry about that we will make a range of spindles suited to bikes as people need them. You tell us your wheel dims and we will do the rest.

How are they adjustable?

Well those clever Austrians at KTM have introduced a new steer tube in 2008 with an offset spindle. So it can be reversed to give two positions of adjustment.

But I don't have one of the bikes you listed and would like to fit a set of you yokes??

Well don't worry about that. Let us measure up your steer tube and get one made to suit our yokes.

How much will all this cost me.
Well for a set of Yokes £325
The steer tube is a standard KTM part that runs at about £40
If you require us to make you a spindle they will be around £40 depending on the size and complexity.
I dont think you can even find a decent set of good quality MX yokes for that sort of money and they are made in masive volumes compared to these.

Anyway I have I set here right now which we are using on our next bike and another 4 sets on the way that will sell on a first come first serve basis.


KrookStreetRacing said...

Those look excellent. If I wasn't so far along with my own design, I would sure put in an order. Keep up the good work.


T.S said...

Great looking yokes. The finish looks excellent.

Theo, USA