Co-Built have a website

As part of the Co-built Teams world domination plan. We now have a website. We hope it will grow in the future but for now its just a few details about us and our bikes. Why not link to it and we will return the favour.
The next round of frames are now underway. I can confirm that our standard frame is an easy fit for a husaberg as well as a rotax. More on that later we hope....
We really want to see Flattrack racing grow in europe and we are going to do everything we can to help. With that in mind let me remind everyone about two events

1) Sideburn Chris Carr Evening more Here

2) The grand final of the UK Shorttrack season is coming up and whats more Chris is riding there. For everyone who has promised to come watch me in 2009 this is your last chance. Sunday 11th October Rye House speedway. Get out in the almost fresh air and support grassroots motorsport before gobal warming gets the best of us and we cant ride bikes round in circles for no good reason.

See you there


Sideburn Magazine said...

Amen! Support your mates you couch-dwelling mouth-breathers! G


Nice web site dudes !
Buy one of these frames and put your MX motor in there - oh bliss !