Friday Night Flattrack

This was the last Friday Night meeting this year and it was great to get to ride my bike again. Sorry I didnt take any snaps but I rode 10 heats in less than two hours so it was a busy time.

The track seemed quite inconsistant and I was really trying to stay on. I managed that most of the time but did have one silly fall in a thunderbike heat. Anyway I was stoked to come away with a win in the shorttrack restricted final and a third in the thunderbike final. That said I would have been more stoked if there were a bigger field of riders and some more spectators. Anyway thanks to shorttrack UK for organising the friday night meetings. I hope we have some more next year.


Anonymous said...

nice brace o trophies m8!!.
was a quality meeting, just nice to be around the bikes even if i wasnt ridin.
looks like ur still gettin sum spam action thou.
i dont know much about computing, but that would p!ss me right off!!!.
get geoff locked up in a shed wi all that tubing, and dont let im out till he's done!.

Anonymous said...

It was indeed the most fun thing to do on a cold and windy Norfolk industrial estate on a Friday night.

Thanks to Geoff for supplying the magic fuel hose that made my CCM run again.

See you at the BMF.

Tim S. (#80)

Anthony Brown said...

Your right Steve I will lock Geoff up till there done. If thats not enough it sounds like he has been giving my fuel hoes away to the competition. (only Joking) glad you got it sorted.

See you at the BMF for some racing and some standing around