Co-Built KTM Parts

If you race a KTM in the UK or Europe you may be interested in a little project we have just started with Jan from the Dutch Brothers. We are about to produce a set of FT pipes for his KTM 450/525 bikes using a supertrapp end can the one with the tunable rings

They will be available with or without the supertrapp and will be somewhere around the £250 mark for the pipe without the end can (inc all fittings). Its going to depend on how many we can sell up front as to the exact cost.
They will look something like the one pictured above once finished (thats Jans current pipe), they will be manufactured from Stainless steel and supplied with all the fittings that are required. The standard KTM pipes bend tightly out of the ports so these should add some real usable power as well as looking like a proper FT bike. Let us know if you want one. The first batch will be available in Decemeber. Mail to

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