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A message from Jenifer Morgan

Most of you will know that I have spent the last couple of years traveling abroad on one of my ever increasing collection of motorcycles... Most recently I spent seven months in the USA on a new Yamaha I bought here in the UK last summer...

It was on my last trip that I heard some pretty bad news about my dear friend Julie's brother - he was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer, and had to undergo intensive treatment that cumulated in major surgery... Fortunately he has made an impressive recovery, albeit his life has drastically changed.

Those of you who know Julie & Ruth will also be aware that Ruth lost her father to Bowel Cancer recently, and that many years ago when Julie was just a child, she too lost her mother to the same disease...

I felt pretty helpless being thousands of miles away for my friends when they were having to deal with all this, and vowed to do something to redress that balance when I returned. Ruth has been inspired to enter the London Marathon next spring, and she has asked me to join her in fund raising on behalf of the charity Bowel Cancer UK.

Of course I'm not going to do anything as silly and strenuous as trudging round London with a bunch of sweaty runners (although I will be there to cheer her on)... rather I intend to fulfill a lifelong ambition, and race a motorcycle from Paris to Dakar...

Yep, I'm entered on this year's Heroes-Legend rally which leaves Paris at the end of this month! (22nd October), and two weeks and 6500 kilometres later, arrives in Dakar on the Senegal coast - with the small matter of the Sahara Desert to cross in between! You'll be able to track my progress in real time via the organizers website, and the stupidly expensive satellite tracking device I have to fit to my bike! My race number is 041.

As you can see in the attached photo, I have spent the last three months building what I hope with be a competitive and reliable rally bike to undertake such a huge event. During which time I have not sought any sponsorship for myself, rather asked that all donations going directly to Bowel Cancer UK, via the Justgiving website that Ruth has set up (please see link below).

I hope you can take a moment to read Ruth's story on the Justgiving page, and if you are able, please make a donation on-line...

Many thanks for taking the time to read this waffle - I will endeavor to get in touch personally with you one and all, if I make it back from Dakar alive!

Toot toot!

Jenny xxx

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