Rye House Final round

Wow what a day. I didnt even have time to take any pictures. Things were going really well for me until turn 2 of the final whan a little nudge led to big problems. Luckly whilst having a rest in the centre green I got chatting to Ian Bush the Rye House speedway photographer.
Here is the first in a series of pictures he sent me. I will stick the rest together in a little montage tomorrow when I get a chance. And give a better report on the days activities.


Anonymous said...

phew...thank you purple suit eh?

Anonymous said...

Blimey mate, what a photo!
I thought at the time that it looked like it might have stung a bit.
(I was at the scene fairly shortly afterwards and got lightly tagged by a wayward Co-Built as I tried to miss everything!)
Good to see you stagger away from it in one bit!
Tim (80r)

Tom said...

So who won the UK championship?

Griff said...

Certainly looked a spectacular off,glad you were ok.Brilliant meeting all round I thought,that Chris Carr bloke is pretty quick !
Boasty did enough to be champ I think.

Anonymous said...

Those pesky little nudes are a nightmare aren't they mate ?



Anthony Brown said...

yeah its the dam nudes

Anthony Brown said...

Thanks for missing me tim

Anonymous said...

Well, I was gonna run you over but, as you were already being run over at the time, it really didn't seem fair.