Strip Down

A clean bike in a clean workshop what could be better??

5 xrounds of the Shorttrack Champs
2 x Euro Rounds
3 x Flattrack Friday
2 Practices
At least 5 slide's too the ground and a couple of proper crashes and the Co-built looks like its holding up OK. I had a lovely day today recovering from the pig flu. I cleaned out the workshop and then took my FT bike apart. Even the cat got in on the action. Anyway I have a list of stuff to do for the bike whilst I am still motivated. My plan is to get it out of the way in the next few days so its ready to go. What are the chances of that?


Anonymous said...

oh dear my 450's still wearing it's dusty coat from ryehouse!!.
stevie 28

Paul Baleta said...

Strip 'n clean!
Strip 'n clean!