Weston Super Mare 2003

Here is a picture of me any Geoff at Weston in 2003. We finished 21st I think. After the first lap we had no barke pads left so we had to use the quads to slow down. By the end the front wheel was virtually square. The next year I found some better pads and we finished 12th. What a great bike!! Afterwards we built a nose cone for it and me and Phil rode it in Long Distance trials. I will find a picture for another post.


Paul Baleta said...

Funkin' cool doods!
It was cancelled this year due to 16 guys being carted off to hospital after a first lap pile-up. Mayhem!

As G would say... "Respect"

Sideburn Magazine said...

I was meant to be going this you too (only to recce).
Its my nearest race 'track'.
Maybe we should all make a meal of it next year?

Anthony Brown said...

yeah its good fun