Thunderbikes at Rye House Today

I rode round so many times I ran out of fuel. I rode pretty much everybodies bike and had a great time along with a geat highside.
Thanks Jason, we missed you Stevie...


Sideburn Magazine said...

Top day, good bunch, nice bikes, good track (by the end of the day).
Good to see you and Dickie there. You need to put the thumb screws on Ben to commission a Co-Built now.
Viva UK Thunderbikes.

Anthony Brown said...

Real good fun Gary nice to see you and everyone. That CCM is an ideal co-built donor!!!!

#15 said...

oh no, what a mess! you guys really deserved better weather! Even beachboy-jason came out to play!

Sideburn Magazine said...

Beach Boy? It was Jason who organised the whole day. G

Anonymous said...

hey m8, another missed oppurtunity to ride ur bike!!.
busy trying to get mt t,bike sorted, hope its done for the nxt 1!!.
glad it stayed dry 4 youall!.