We are all behind you

Message From Tamsin

Hi all, on the rest day at last. Thank God!!! Your support is really keeping me going. It´s been a really tough race for me so far with loads of mechanical problems - But that's the Dakar. Patsy is a real help and i now really realise what she went through all those years. Ive got to finish it as im not coming back again sometimes it feels like torture!! The Dakar fans over here are amazing and you get mobbed everytime you stop anywhere. Phil Noons mates ´´the Irish´´ are looking after me today and have just washed and dried my washing - very brave!!
7 days to go and i really hope that i dont have too many more mechanical probs. I trail rode with the Caerphilly club for years and they used to say it wasnt a proper days riding unless you got back in the dark so there you go im getting plenty of proper days riding in. Keep the messages coming - you can text me on 07905943155. Great poem by the way.

Adios from South America xxxxxxxx

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