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Co-Built Husaberg ready for delivery
( Excuse the picture quality, taken on my phone as I forgot the camera today)
Sorry its been a little quiet on the blog for the last few weeks but things have been super busy. Dates for events have been coming out left right and centre and in the middle of all the planning we have been trying to build bikes, attend shows and go on holiday.
Anyway I am pleased to announce that Co-Built will be have a stronger attendance this year in the UK and the Euro Flattrack scene. In the UK I (Anthony) will be riding my Co-Built Rotax again and my partner in crime (Geoff) will also ride a Co-Built Rotax (Although at the moment its more of a not Not-Built than a Co-Built). Actually Geoff will miss the first round at Kings Lynn as he is going for some season end snowboarding so he should be in action at the BMF.

The third member of the Co-Built team for 2010 will be Guto. We have been working hard to finish Guto's bike ready to deliver this week so he can get on and build the motor. Guto's Co-Built is our first non Rotax bike. He is using a 600 Husaberg motor (water cooled). Guto will be trying to make it along to as many meetings as possible this year but he has to travel so far he may not make them all. The Husaberg looks like it is going to be a super lightweight thunderbike I am sure it will be the lightest in class this year.
For the Euro Scene we are also building a bike for Ronald. He is intending to ride the Euro rounds in 2010. Ronalds bike is a 604 Rotax which has been developed from a CCM he purchased and broke. We have the front end and the swing arm assembly complete. We should have the whole bike ready for delivery in a week or two. At the moment the frame is on the jig around 2/3 complete
Also in Europe Jan Willem and and Andreas will be running Co-Built pipes on there KTM's for 2010. Jan has been testing his on the Ice for the last few weeks and it looks likehe has been having good fun.
Other New Products.
We have two other products to mention. As with all our stuff supply is limited so its first come first serve.
Knock Off Nuts
As part of a collaboration with Jan Willem from Dutch Brothers we have used his design to make some Locking Knock of nuts for quick change rear wheels. We have 10 sets due this week so I will post some pictures when they arrive.
Fully Adjustable Yoke sets
To move things forward and try to offer something for the guys using DTX bike in the shorttrack class we are in the process of designing a set of fully adjustable front yokes to suit R6 forks. The first set should be ready in time for the beginning of the season.

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