WIsh List

Following on from the fixture list here is a list of fixtures that I am hoping to attend in 2010. I know it wont all go to plan and other things always happen but its good to have a plan so here is mine. I guess its more of a wish list but its nice to have something to think about on a wet Monday.

April 11th Norfolk Arena, King's Lynn Shorttrack UK
May 15th BMF Show,Peterborough Shorttrack UK
May 16th BMF Show,Peterborough Shorttrack UK
May 29th Amman Valley,Wales 1/2 Mile European Champs
May 30th Amman Valley,Wales 1/2 Mile Shorttrack UK
June 5th Marianske Lazne (CZ) 1000m European Champs
June 6th 6 Jun, Slany (CZ) 400m European Champs
July 10th Mildenhall, Suffolk Shorttrack UK
Aug 1st Buxton,Derbyshire Shorttrack UK
Aug 7th Switzerland (CH) European Champs
Aug 8th Switzerland (CH) Flattrack de Nations
Aug 22nd Norfolk Arena,Kings Lynn Shorttrack UK
Sept 19th Rye House Speedway,Herts Shorttrack UK
Oct 3rd Scunthorpe Raceway, Lincs Shorttrack UK

Other dirt stuff that I am booking

May 1- 8th Dalamtia Rally EFC4U
July 3rd-4th
Ryedale Rally Yorkshire Enduro Club

Not to forget the Ixion Trials champs. That makes it a busy summer.

Lets all pray for good weather


Paul Baleta said...

Phew! Busy, busy! The Dalamtia Rally sounds interesting... where is that?

Anthony Brown said...

Its in Croatia. If you want any more info mail me!!