Sideburn Release Party

I am trying to keep on top of my blogging this weekend as its a busy one and I dont wanna forget anything. Friday night was the first Sideburn Release party. Its took until issue 5 to get one together but it was well worth the wait. Skooter Farm Dave put in a whole lot of effort as well and the result was a truely great night. The Stags and Jonny Alpha ruled, and Bambi well see was awesome. The place was stacked out. Cant wait until number 6 guys. Sorry about the shitty pictures i had the camera set up badly.


Sideburn Magazine said...

truely a great night (through no effort of my own). Good to have team Co-Built uup noarth. Same time, same place next month?
& thanks boys for not rocking the caravan in your excitement.


dave skooter farm said...

Very memorable night1 great to see you and glad you enjoyed it!

Sideburn Magazine said...

It's worth explaining that the dancing shot was taken at 2.45am when the roadies (who hadn't danced all night) had loaded the vans and had started dancing with the bar staff and cleaners. G