Tuareg 2010

Well if I had infinate time and funds I would be on The Tuareg Rally right now. Anyway Team Brown is out in force with 9 riders. I hope to report on there progress soon. For now you can keep up to date with the rally on Facebook and you can track the sweeper truck here.
Co-Built has some bits out there. Jeff Webster is sporting a Toolbox / Bash guard and Pete Sonleys bike has lots of our kit on it.
Good luck to all the Brits, we are backing Mick Tompkinson (of Team Brown)for the win this year.

Here is a brief summary from day 1

All competitors arrived missour in the evening. It was a good ride till the cp 2 with a lot of sun, wind and hot wheels. The first specialty was very hard, a long and ascend steeply single trail. Some bikes and riders must be rescued by orga.
All competitors and the orga staff are happy ab...out the first rally day.
After lunch at 10 p.m. is the briefing for tomorrow

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