Nigeria Bound

Our Volkswagen LT has been with us for 6 fun filled years. We brought it for £1500 from SMS diesels between 3 of us. It had 150k Miles on the clock but was fresh from a motor rebuild. The guy who owned it wouldnt pay so we stepped in and settled the bill. As the new owners we kitted it out but never got round to fixing the dents which were present in every panel. Anyway it survived 50K miles with us. It got run into by an MX sidecar (broke the passengers leg), it has slept up to 4 people and has travelled to many events over the years.
It got painted grey at the Powys enduro about 3 years ago after an evening BBQ. WHich really made it look better, believe it or not.
Anyway when we sold our last van it was going to be driven to the Ukraine by a charity and I hoped that this van would find a fitting end. Anyway I just waved goodbye to it after selling it to two Nigerians who were off to fill it with computers before shipping it to Nigeria tomorrow. So by May I reckon it will be in service as a left Hand Drive once its been converted.
See ya Later LT


Anonymous said...

Good bye good friend.
How well you treated us.
You will be missed!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, of all the amazing accounts I have heard about Phil's "Adventures" he never let on about his skills as a Nigerian computer smuggler !!!!

AB said...

Yeah goodbye grey van how I will miss you pissing off the neighbours. Where will they put their angry notes now??


Anthony Brown said...

up there arses!!!

See you later my arch enemies

pennswoodsed said...

oh good
more computers from which imprisoned princes may offer me $4,000,000 to open an account for them .