UK Shorttrack Round 1 2010 Kings Lynn

I made a bad mistake yesterday I forgot to take my camera to the first round at Kings Lynn. I loved the first meeting of the 2009 Season all the new bikes and the enthusiasm. Well in 2010 things have reached fever pitch. New bikes, new faces the sun was out. What a great day out, there were even some nice road bikes in the car park. I think as the season progresses the scene is going to grow from strength to strength thanks to the actions of everyone involved.

The effort put into the meetings is mammoth, just the organization alone is a big task. But riders are traveling from Europe to compete in the UK series it’s a real pleasure to see and everyone is made to feel welcome. The youth class was full of new riders (and bikes) the ST class was closely contested as was the Thunder Bikes.

The Skooter Farm Team has grown for 2010 and it was great to see Pete Wilky make a final in his second ever meeting. Jason adopted an oil slick approach in an attempt to slow the field ( I doubt he will overfill the Rotax again as the cleaning envolved will be huge.) Steve, Dave and especially Gary were really flying and Jon was right up there battling hard in an excellent final. Paul from Speedthreapy had a great day on his new LC4 Thunderbike as did Chippy wood on his 650 Honda half breed. Paul Sheldon was sporting Co-Built Yokes on his New KTM and liked the handling. He ended up in a tangle with Scotty and I nearly nailed the pair of them mid corner. Steve Coles rode a great race on his bros he is a force to be reckoned with as his bike gets better and better.

For the main event Ady Collins dominated the final from the first corner but the pack behind him was tight. Dash for cash winner Glyn Pocklington took second the rest of the field was really tightly bunched and changing positions virtually every lap.

Thanks to EVERYONE who made it a great day.

A real BIG thanks to Pete and his Organisation staff as they are they run the most professional race series I have ever taken part in. I am looking forward to the rest of the season and seeing more of our Co-built bikes competeing in the UK and Europe. Next time I will take my camera and return to my normal blog format (A few pictures and a little text).


Anonymous said...

was a mega meeting, and a fab day out!.
was real good to see loads o young uns out there racin, also with a full grid o mini bikes, all the classes look well stacked.
a tribute to pete, jackie, and all their helpers and sponsors. BRAVO!!!.

Anonymous said...

My camera works in the pits but not through the mesh so I have sent you some pics including the pretty Little 77 & a cutout. thanks to you & Gordon for a great days racing Dickie