F**k the Police

30 Quid for no secondry Coupling on the trailer.

It was like our enjoyment tax.

Screw you!!!


Paul Baleta said...


Jeremy Melling said...

So, if you have no secondary coupling what do you do if the trailer goes off on its own? Wouldn't it worry you to see it in the mirror, heading off towards another vehicle. A coupling only costs a fiver for f's sake.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jeremy Melling,
Who are you the trailer police?
Fuck Jeremy Melling as well as the police oh and your blog is boring.

bye bye xx

AB said...

No no no anonymous!
I agree with Mr. Melling. But the abscence of a secondary coupling was not the only show of reckless abandon the two drivers showed. They spent the first 2000km of the trip dressed as ladies drunk on jagermeister minatures concealed in their bras and dont get me started on the truckers travel pussies purchased in a seedy German garage.

I flew home.


Sideburn Magazine said...

SHee-it. I have done four seasons of racing with a trailer and I don't even know what a secondary coupling is. Got the LDV now, so no worries. Still, FTP. G

grant said...

does any body remember dynojet and trailers?