Love this Guy

I love the rides that Mark posts on his website. I would love to do a few of them. Instead I will be riding a CPI popcorn 15miles up a busy A road in the rain in a short while.

Link Here

Planned Ride June--July of 2010
Me and Scott Stevenson of Tuscon, Arizona are planning to pioneer a new route from Mexico to Canada.
It will start in Lochiel, Arizona on the Mexico border (as per picture) and end at the Canada border---up thru Arizona, Utah and Idaho.
Well----sort of end there. From there we may head West into Washington, Oregon, Nevada and who knows where.
Were going where we've never been. This ride may take a month and I hope we get to do it.
Scott and me will both be riding our Yamaha WR250R's.
These bikes are very capable of long distance offroad travel on which it will be almost impossible
for rough technical terrain to stop us--- as can happen on bigger bikes.

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