Pictures of Dickie

I did some scans a while ago now and never got round to posting them all. Here is a selction of pictures of my dad riding bikes over the years.
There is plenty to digest in these so take your time with them. The top one is his Triumph Grass bike (late 70s), next is a DR400 taken at either one of the Welsh 2 day enduros or a the 6 days in 1982.
The next is his first trial on a bantam (date unkonow) and the last two are at the Golden Helmet in Pardubice when you still needed a sporting visa to drive your mk 2 Transit to Czecho (ealry 80s).
Anyway the next time you are talking to Dickie why not mention one of these pictures and maybe if your lucky you will get a good story out of him.
Incedentally check out the crowd in the Golden Helmet pictures it looks awesome eh!!


#15 said...

awesome photos!! these were the days when sex was safe and racing was dangerous!

Paul Baleta said...

Brilliant! You got racin' in your blood! Is that you on the tank in pic 2?

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Anonymous said... you think Hondapartx likes the post?

Anthony Brown said...

Yeah hondapartx

It is an awesome article. I bet you did enjoy reading it. Now fuck off with your bullshit blog advertising.

How about that!!

Anonymous said...

Tell 'em Brown Boy!

Anonymous said...

Genuine Trials Bantam My first trial '56 Ringwood novices not quite last place

Red Torpedo said...

Absolute class. This post is awesome. All the comments are awesome. Dickie is super-awesome. And he still sleeps in his awesome van when he goes to see his awesome son racing. G
PS Now buy some Sideburn stuff you weasels.

Anonymous said...

Red too are awesome.
Hey we are all awesome!!

*HIGH FIVES ALL ROUND* especially to awesome Dickie and Hondapartx


Anonymous said...

ur right anthony great crowds at the speedway, dont like the look o the tapes thou, gate 1 anybody!?.
sorry i aint got any shit to plug thou m8!!.

Anthony Brown said...

You let Me down Steve.

Your my main blog commentor along with Paul and now you tell me you have nothing to sell.

Thanks for your comments anyway

Looking forward to stoke