Testing Testing

Co-Built have a new friend. I have been watching and waiting for a while now for Marcus at Rexs to complete his replacement Rotax CDI units. On Saturday I finally got my hands on a pre production unit. They look a really well made and finshed unit. I sent a set of plugs from an old broken Denso unit and had them fitted to the new unit so it was a plug in replacement. Each unit has a 1 year warrenty and is constructed from some clever modern internals which seem to work really well and aim to extend the life of all the ignition components.

As soon as the unit arrived I plugged it into our road CCM Rotax and pressed the button. It started great and ran even better. I would say there was a noticable improvement in preformance on my way to work this morning. I cant wait to test the unit on my Co-Built Rotax at Stoke in a couple of weeks. I started it with the unit fitted and it seemed crisp for sure.

Anyway if anyone needs a spare or replacement unit I think they are a bargin at £79. I have stuck a link to Rexs speedshop on the side bar of the blog or just mail him direct


They also do an SR 500 unit which seems to be a well proven replacement.

I will update on how things are going with the unit once I have used it a bit more!

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