This means YOU

So maybe you know me personally or maybe you just look at the blog from time to time. Well now is your chance to come and and show your support for Flattrack racing here in the UK.
I know most of my friends are super busy and we travel to some stupid places in the middle of nowhere to ride bikes and I don't normally ask people to come along as I know its a ball ache.
The next round of UK Shorttrack is Next Saturday at Stoke speedway, right in the middle of the UK and just off the M6. Myself and Geoff will be there all day. Practice is 1.00pm and racing starts at 2.45pm. Best of all its free. That means there can be no excuse to come and hang out, watch some racing have a drink and a laugh.

Why not leave a comment on this post to let me know your coming!!!

Round 4 Shorttrack UK 2.45pm, July 10th, Stoke,Staffordshire, Stoke Speedway, Loomer Road, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, ST5 7LB

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Hard sell over


Anonymous said...

i will be there and now i know its free entry, i will be spreading the word too!!.

Anthony Brown said...

On Ya Steve. Lets see if we can get some spectators along