Sunday 26th Sept

The VMCC have again invited Thunderbikes from UK shorttrack to take part in there historical Grass Hill Climb at Chalfont St Peter.

We need at least 6 bikes to make it worth while.

The track is a Grass Hill with a 90 Deg left hand bend. Each class takes a number of timed runs at the hill and the fastest wins. They also run a 2 rider handicap eliminator towards the end of the day.

Leave a comment if your interested but we need to act quickly


Anonymous said...

where is it, how much, and do we need a front brake?.

Anonymous said...

I'm up for it, I'll see if I can rope in some of the Station165'ers
- Mike

Drakey72 said...

count me in!!

Anonymous said...

Scotty & me are up for it.

Scotty #88
Lez #44

Captain Highside said...

Gutted, listen you Guys......set some times on the board and we'll (i'll) be there in '11 to seriously do some damage. Having a family has serious implications to the racing lifestyle of a surf/bike/bmx hooligan.

Capt Highside