Good Friends (and chips)

One of the best things about motorcycles for me is hanging out with like minded people. This weekend has been a great example of what I am getting at here. For me its what makes me want to go race. Results are nice, photographs are good to, but whatever you are doing its normally the people you do it with that make it memorable.

Friday afternoon I slipped out from work a little early and took my really good mate Nick to have his first ride on a FT bike. Man he was good. I hope he doesnt want to race full time.

We stopped of at the Ace Cafe on the way home with more friends and hung out for a while. Skooter Farm Dave and Pete were staying down ready to race on sunday. So saturday we hung out and did some bike prep and ate some buritto's.

Today racing was just great. Everyone was riding well and the racing was fantasic. I was the sole represntitive for Co-Built as Geoff was away on family duties. Anyway I was so busy riding I didnt manage any pictures except the top one here, thats Wayne Drakes kids tucking into lunch at Rye House today. Wayne was riding well also. I hope he never gets a better bike or we are all in trouble. Anyway its been a great weekend and thanks to everyone who has made it so. Especially those who wernt racing today but came along to watch (or marshall) its really appreciated.

The Co-Built team should beback to full strength at Scunthrope for the end of season meeting. I cant wait!!


Anonymous said...

mega meeting on a fab track. but ur right its the people that make it fun!.
lookin forward to scunny already!!.

dave skooter farm said...

Super-great weekend, thanks for your hospitality and dialling in my race bike for Sunday. It really did make a ton of the alliance!!