Mini Bike Set Up

 With the long winter nights slowly drawing in. I have been thinking about mini bikes and slowly looking for a CRF100. I was interested to find this on the American Supercamp website. Its there tips for setting up a TTR 125 for training.

Setting up your Yamaha TT-R125LE just like the American Supercamp bikes is a relatively easy task. This article is a guide to just what goes into the best training bikes in the world. The chassis needs to be set up to fit an adult along with a little suspension tuning. A good set of rubber is fitted to the wheels. The motor is the easy part, and if you really want to keep going GYTR (GenuineYamahaTechnology Racing) has some great accessories. In setting up our TT-R’s two changes make the all the difference for allowing an average size adult to fit a “minibike.” The first switch is replacing the stock seat with the GYTR tall seat. Not only does the tall seat allow extra room for longer legs, but is also a one of the toughest seat covers we have ever seen. Which may not be necessary, but certainly is nice. The second switch is the handle bars. We have come to the conclusion that the Renthal brand Jimmy Button bend fits the bike pretty well.
Keep in mind that if you want to try a different bend there are very few absolutes in motorcycling. But, if you
put on a pair of ape hangers so your knees don’t get tangled in the handle bars you are sacrificing body
position. ASC ran completely stock suspension for a couple of schools. And, it wasn’t bad. But, we wanted to tighten it up a bit for supermoto training also. To do that we replaced the stock fork oil with 15 weight, stock volume. We also cut 1 inch off of the fork springs and replaced that area with a 1 inch solid spacer. A spacer can be easily made out PVC pipe. Out back of the machines we simply added two turns of preload to the shock spring and then ran the rebound and compression all the way tight. It is a great low cost suspension set up. And don’t worry, if you don’t think you are a competent enough mechanic to tear into the forks there is not much that you can mess up which can’t be fixed easily and relatively cheaply at your local dealership.
We love Dunlops. Before any of our bikes hit the dirt they get a D739 up front and and a GT501 out back. The secret lies in the little bit of extra grooving we put into the 501. We have reprinted an article on grooving
written by our buddy Rick Matheny a while back later in this newsletter. There, of course, are other tires that
would work. But, remember the focus is not necessarily the most traction, but rather the best feedback as the
bike starts to slide.
The American Supercamp motors are 100% stock. We don’t feel the need to try and get more horsepower out of our little bikes. We are focused on trying to get more out of our riders. But, in case you just can’t help yourself Leo Vince make really cool pipes. And, they sound even cooler than they look. GYTR also has all sorts of other neat stuff to dress your bike up including ultra-trick breakaway clutch levers and anodized billet aluminum foot pegs that even we couldn’t resist putting on. Lastly, a call to Victory Circle Graphix gets the custom vinyl set for the bike for that factory look!
Now all your bike needs is a rider!

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