Thunderbikes at Hillclimb

5 thunderbikes made it to the VMCC hillclimb today. Despite our smooth FT tyres and wet grass we still had a good go. We were a few seconds off the pace of the GT bikes but we were all pretty evenly matched.
Wayne Drake did a good job after missing practice due to bike issues he took the win in our class from me in 2nd and Scotty in third. Flynn was on camera duty and he did  great job.

Thanks everyone for coming. And thanks to Dicky for getting us the ride.

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Anonymous said...

Good day out, seems we were all beaten by a 13 year old girl on the day. Next year we need to bring some of the bigger boys with us I think :-) Still at least we (mostly) weren't beaten by a 10 year old girl, can you imagine if that happened, you probably wouldn't be able to turn up to a race track for fear of having the piss ripped mercilessly out of you....

10) Juinor
71 Jessica Smith 14.16

11) Juinor Inters
72 Madeline Smith 10.82

14) Unlimited Flat Tracker
636 Wayne Drake 11.37
47 Anthony Brown 11.72
88 Paul Scott 11.82
22 Mike Ryan 12.69
44 Les Stevens 14.47