We are building again

We have had a great season and its not over yet. But we are back into building bikes and other stuff. We have a couple of sets of our yokes which are set up for Honda 450's to trial and we also have some other items in developement. More on those later. We have a bike build underway for the newest Co-built convert (Guy) so I will post some pictures of that very soon.


Guy Sutherland said...

...making a co-built sized space in my workshop right now! Winter will be too long..

#15 said...

that photos is fantastic!!
I immagine it wasn't planned that way, but like the best things in life come unplanned! :-)

Anthony Brown said...

Thanks Jan

Have a good weekends racing

Anonymous said...

well done boys, been a pleasure ridin with ya all yr.
heres to many more!!.
now the dark nights are ere, geoff wont mind being locked up in the co-built shed all night so much!!.