Hell o ween

The Stags played a Halloween show in Wigan on Friday. It was kinda an un offical end of season party for some of our flattrack buddies.
It was hell on the M6 on Friday afternoon. But is was well worth the trip.

Mrs and Mrs Inman (below)

 Steve and Rach (above)
Geoff and Diane (Below)
 Jon, Geoff, Pete (Below)
 The Stags

 Pete showing of his dancing prize 


dave skooter farm said...

Job well done from the CO-BUILT crew...great to see you.....hope you had fun at the practice track....Dave Skooter Farm/mr.murdo/The Stags....

Sideburn Magazine said...

How Ghoulish!
Looks like you all got a wig on in Wigan.
Sorry not to make it
x BP

Anthony Brown said...

We missed you