Its Coming Home

An XR750 is a great machine (for a Harley) the place I like them best is on the track. I am happy to report that this one has hopefully fallen into the right hands so hopefully we will see it on the track real soon next year!


dave skooter farm said...

wonder if I can persuade him to paint it red???

#15 said...

Green looks great....on trees!
Is the bike going to the scooter farm? :-)) We still have one AAT round left this year!! (but we're still looking for a host)

Anthony Brown said...

everyone knows green is traditionaly an unlucky colour in any form of oval racing so he will be forced to repaint it!!

dickie B. said...

Quite right , anything but green, it was being green that caused my '55 Chevie to climb that lamp post.I think a Harley would look good in orange & blue

Sideburn Magazine said...

By Chevie, I hope you mean Chevette, not Chevrolet.
And I can't wait to see it being raced, if that's what is going to happen to it. Mega!
PS All this talk of green voodoo is nonsense. You'll all be reading your tea leaves next. WITCHCRAFT!

Anonymous said...

tell brian smith that green dont work!.
its only bad luck if it aint kwak green!!.


Go Wilky !
Green is good if ur British old boy , what .
Toodle pip .

Does this mean i can ride a Norton now ? .....