Nicely Cut

Thanks to our extended Co-Built network of craftsman we have got some good stuff  happening right now. The top picture is of Headstock cups for our  frames. We just took delivery of 3 sets. They represent the 3 frames we intend to build over the next few months ready for next season. One is spoken for the other two are still up for grabs at the moment.

The bottom picture is a set of our yokes that are built to fit CRF450. If you are thinking of upgrading your Hondas with an R6 fork conversion drop us a line as these bad boys will slot staight on and give you a whole load more steering lock and better handling.

We have some other stuff in the pipeline to move things on to the next level so we will keep you posted

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Anonymous said...

mmm, them yokes look nice to me.
cant wait to test em!!.