Rotax Rebuild Continued

The main bearing was stuck on the crank! I dont think it will be reusable now? Anyway everything is ready to go back togther now i think.


Anonymous said...

lovely clean workshop anthony, and the tools for the job.
i use a screwdriver and mallet for my bearing extraction duties!.
i have a vice on my xmas list thou.

#15 said...

we grind our cranks carefully to a slide fit. it's easier to assemble and the crank can go where it wants and the assembly has no tensions.

Sideburn Magazine said...

I suppose you employed plenty on localized heat?
is that a sludge trap on the flywheel?

Anthony Brown said...

Yep that little hot plate is the one that was used by Elvis's manager used for the dancing chickens. I found a stickleback in the sludge trap!

Guy Sutherland said...

Nice Anthony....I will change the oil every day!

AB said...

That hot plate is the property of Custom Made.
I turn it on and threaten to press employees fingers on it when they are not working fast enough...and Anthonys when he is dancing around picking stuff up in CM HQ