Battle of Braintree

Indoor shorttrack is fast, tight and exciting and the meeting yesterday was no exception. Great riders and really great racing.
The track was tough and the racing was really tough. For me Ben Baker was the man of the meeting holding off Collins in the final until the second from last lap. He finished second in a final that was a fitting end to great days. Geoff and I rode shorttrack class and managed to stay on the pace. I also rode minibikes for the first time, the action in that class was also pretty hot, infact it was kinda like a shitstorm, i just need to get our minibike running a little better to keep up with those guys!
The venue was full of people, fumes and noise. The racing was really hot but everyone went home in one piece. I must have swallowed about a kg of the surface we riding on which seemed to be made up from shredded carpet and rubber. Anyway what a great day well done to Pete, Jackie and all the guys who work so hard to put great meetings like that on. Also thanks to Kysinia for taking snaps (in difficult conditions) and our team mechanics Wilky and Gordon. And to everyone who came along to watch us. We had fun!

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Anonymous said...

ill 2nd all of the above m8, the surface tasted disgusting!!!.
what a fab day thou.
kudos to pete and his team for all the effort!!!!.