Dakar is Go

This year this blog is supporting our friends Craig Bounds, Jenny Morgan and of course Tina Mier.

Seems like it is real wet over there at the moment!  But Craig got 33rd on day one. Jenny was just outside the top 100

Anyway here is the latest from Craig

To bring you all up to date so far its all been good news. Everyone arrived, the bike ran (after a few electrical issues...) and then both bike and Craig passed through passed scrutineering over the usual marathon 5 or 6 hours. Much steak was eaten and this morning Craig crossed the start line and headed off to Victoria on a steady 220km ride down the motorway.
Heavy rain is forecast for the area over the next few days which is excellent news for Craig as his best stage result last year (18th) came on a very wet day.
Tomorrow we see the day begin with a predictable HUGE connection to take Craig to the start of the racing. The first bike leaves at 06:48 (Craig is number 86) and will head 566km almost due west before hitting the first competitive stage of the race, a 222km section over a 1200m mountain range. The ground will be mainly mud and gravel. We hope for good things!
We will be bringing you daily video updates not only of the Dakar but of Craig himself as he rides off each competitive stage. We will also have updates from Tamsin and the rest of the support crew using rally raidio. You can here Tamsins first call in HERE (
Places you will find updates, news and views about Craigs progress as the days roll on (i.e. if you want some updates thoughout the day as well as your nightly fix...) are listed below, not in any particular order. Eveything I get sent will be placed on the forum thread 'The Boundsy Dakar 2011 Thread'. Click on it now to see whats been happening so far.

The Home Of Craigs Story (The Boundsy Dakar 2011 Thread)

The Adventure Spec Flickr Photo Account

The Official Dakar Website (for minute by minute live updates as Craig is racing)

Craigs Dakar Website

Craigs Flickr Photo Account (updated by Tamsin regularly)

Both Craig and Tamsin asked me to thank you all for your time and support so far. Fingers crossed for a finish and a top 20 place?


Moto Freako (aka BlackCountryBiker) said...

I'll be following Craig all the way to the finish line this year. Glad to hear Tamsin is out there giving him support too, she was inspirational last year.

Anthony Brown said...

Yep Tamsin is driving some sponsors round and supporting craig.
Keep an eye out for Jenny too. I know she will have the stamina to finish so lets hope she can become the 3rd ever brit lady to finish

geoff said...

I love the Dakar.
I'll be following Craig's efforts closely.
I issued him with a Co-Built bottle opener before he left.
Everyone who competes in the Dakar are hero's!

Anonymous said...

co-built bottle opener eh!.
sounds like just the thing for the upcoming straw bear festival!!!.
good luck sand monkeys!!.